Let Tails ‘R Us Pet Care take care of your pets when your not there! Serving your pets in the following zip codes:  07422, 07462, 07428, and 07418.  If you do not see your zip code, please call to find out availability.  

Why Hire A Pet Sitter?

At Tails ‘R Us Pet Care, we understand the concern of leaving your pet alone for hours at a time, or days at a time in the event of vacation. Leaving your pet in a kennel is always an option, however there is always the possibility of your pet coming home with a illness, such as kennel cough. Your dog may be inoculated against kennel cough but there are so many strains of that disease and your pet is not protected from all of them. Another annoying problem of a kennel stay can be fleas. More often than not, your pet may come home with a nice selection of those hard to get rid of tiny pests. There are two kennels in my town that have great reputations and I know they work hard to keep their places free of disease, fleas and parasites. But unfortunately, not all are like that.

Your dog or cat may also undergo additional stress due to continual noise of other dogs barking, metal cage doors being opened and closed or cats yowling in their strange and confusing confines. Have you ever asked a friend or neighbor to care for your pet in your absence? It is possible that they may forget to visit your pet, and they may lack the experience in actually taking care of a dog, cat or other pet you may have. Sometimes, they may even get to resent the fact that you ask them in the first place but do not want to say “no” because of their relationship with you.

pet sitting dog walker vernon nj
pet sitting dog walker vernon nj
In Memory of My Beautiful Nadia - 02/08/2008

Tails 'R Us Pet Care is the Answer to your Pet Care Concerns!

Tails ‘R Us Pet Care is the answer to your pet care concerns! At Tails ‘R Us Pet Care, we will visit your pet once a day or several times a day, according to their schedule, and will spend 20 to 30 minutes at each visit walking your dog, play time for all pets and lots of attention. Fresh food and water, litter box cleaning and other tasks are attended to.   We talk in high squeaky voices with a smile on our face to your pet, so they know they are being such good pets while Mommy and Daddy are not there!

Most important, your pet(s) will remain in his familiar environment and will have the same diet and mealtimes you have established. Your pet(s) will have regularly scheduled visits and will get the pampering and personal attention that they deserve in your absence.

Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter you will receive:

  • Complete peace of mind knowing your pet is being cared for by an insured professional and someone who absolutely LOVES animals.
  • Friends and neighbors that are thankful you did not ask them to care for your pets.
  • No diseases or unwelcomed pests brought into your house from a kennel.
  • Mail and newspaper pick up so it does not call attention to the fact you are not home.
  • Drapes/blinds and lights adjusted daily if required.
  • Basic house checks while we are there.

Pets That We Tend To

  • DOGS
  • CATS
  • LIZARDS (smaller than me)

Some Of Our Furry Friends

Your Pets will Receive:

  • Lots of attention and affection including belly rubs, ear scratching and baby talk while you are away.
  • Same diet, including snacks and a regular routine on a daily basis.
  • No stress from hearing other unhappy noises in a strange place full of barking dogs or cats calling for their owners.
  • Happiness from staying in their own environment.
  • No exposure to illness or parasites from other animals.
  • Medications are continued regularly, if required.
  • Being totally spoiled as if they were our own!

Additional Services Provided
at no extra charge:

  • Mail, newspapers and any deliveries by Federal Express, UPS, etc. will be collected and brought into your house.
  • Plants will be watered.
  • Shades, blinds and lights will be alternated.
  • Your pets favorite TV show or radio stationed turned on.
  • If there are any home emergencies, we will contact you and see it through as best we can in accordance with your instructions.

Our Happy Clients

We offer you COMPLETE PEACE of MIND knowing your pet is being cared for by an insured professional and someone who absolutely LOVES animals.